Woman faces drug charges after traffic stop in Louisiana

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A simple traffic stop can become much more serious if a person is found with drugs or is found to be under the influence of alcohol. One woman knows this first hand. She now faces drug charges after she was stopped on Interstate 10 in Louisiana earlier this month.

According to police, the woman was on the Interstate near mile marker 41. She allegedly gave permission to a Louisiana officer to search her car. When the officer did, he allegedly found two large white trash bags in the rear trunk of the car. After the search was completed by the officer and his police dog, authorities opened the trash bags and found what they claim was 25 pounds of marijuana.

The woman was arrested and charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute. Authorities assert that the drugs were worth an estimated $50,000 in street value, though how they arrived at that figure was not explained.

The woman in this case could face stiff penalties if the court finds that she is guilty of the crimes alleged. However, before any penalties can be assessed against her, the court must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of her guilt. This high standard may offer the woman some hope as she works to defend herself and fight for acquittal. She may wish to present a defense that includes questioning the circumstances of her arrest as well as to challenge the evidence and testimony offered against her.

When someone in Louisiana is facing serious drug charges, it is often wise to rely on the expertise of a criminal defense attorney. An attorney will ensure that an individual’s rights are protected while working towards a favorable outcome for the accused.

Source: American Press, “Authorities make 25-pound pot bust,” May 20, 2012

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