Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Strong Criminal Defense In Lake Charles And Beyond

If you have been charged with a crime, you are facing the power of the government and all its resources. You need a strong advocate on your side that will fight for your rights and your freedom.

The attorneys at Sanchez Burke have handled almost every type of criminal case. These have ranged from murder and violent felonies on one hand to white collar crimes on the other. They are determined to obtain the best outcome possible in every case.

You Are Not Alone

The team at Sanchez Burke are experienced criminal defense attorneys with over 70 combined years of experience in criminal cases. They will represent you with dedication and determination at all stages of the legal process.

If your case involves a serious felony charge, the firm will discuss with you the need for experts or professionals to combat the vast government resources available to the prosecution. In a murder case, these could include a professional investigator, DNA and forensics experts, a psychologist and other specialists. In a white collar crime case, the firm may identify a forensic accountant or a computer expert who can support the defense effort.

You are not alone. With Sanchez Burke on your side, you will have the confidence of knowing that everything possible is being done to obtain a positive outcome in your case. The firm defends against felonies and misdemeanors such as:

The firm also defends juveniles accused of crimes.

Get Representation As Soon As Possible

If you believe you are under investigation for a crime or have been arrested, you should obtain legal representation as soon as possible. By waiting, you are putting yourself at greater risk.

Sanchez Burke can begin building your defense effort immediately. Criminal cases are often won by knowing as much or more about the underlying facts of the case as the prosecution; it is only then that a decision on the best defense strategy can be made.

Sometimes, the best strategy for the client after case analysis may be to plea bargain. As skilled negotiators with years of experience, Sanchez Burke works to reduce the number and severity of the charges faced by their clients and to humanize them in the eyes of the prosecutor and the sentencing judge. They understand that sentencing advocacy involves putting together a persuasive presentation for the least restrictive options available to the court given, the facts of the case.

Sanchez Burke will work to build a strong and effective defense designed to protect your rights, preserve your freedom or minimize the harsh consequences that can flow from conviction.

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