Lake Charles Child Pornography Lawyer

Lake Charles Child Pornography Lawyer

Defending Against Child Pornography Charges in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Charges of possessing child pornography or other related child porn charges can have a drastic impact on your life. Not only are you facing prison time, but the stigma of a sex crime charge and lengthy registration as a sex offender. Having to register as a sex offender can make it difficult for you to get a job, secure a home or apartment, and live your life as normally as possible.

To protect your rights and your future, you need the help of an experienced and aggressive child pornography defense lawyer at Sanchez Burke. Our firm has years of experience handling all types of criminal law and sex crime matters, including child pornography charges. We are committed to standing up for our clients and working to structure a defense to all charges and accusations.

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There are a number of types of sex crime charges that are related to child pornography, including:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Production of child pornography

Each criminal charge is extremely serious and can carry severe consequences upon conviction. Walter M. Sanchez can review your case and determine how to proceed, whether seeking a dismissal, plea bargain or deciding to take the case to trial.

Experience With Louisiana Internet Crimes

In nearly all child pornography cases, the Internet and/or another type of technology is the root of the case. Most child porn is distributed using email, file sharing or other Internet and computer-related methods. If child pornography was found on your computer, the firm may be able to enlist forensic computer experts who can thoroughly investigate how the materials made it on to your computer.

Intent and identity are also important aspects that need to be examined in child pornography cases. The computer experts that the firm can consult will determine who had access to the computer, if someone else used your wireless connection to download the materials, and whether or not the record of Internet or computer usage supports an unintentional possession of illegal material defense. The firm has experience with many Internet-related criminal matters.

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