Lake Charles Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Lake Charles Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Defending Your Student’s Freedom And Future in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Doing foolish things now and then is part of growing up. But when a teenager is arrested for a crime, representation by an experienced juvenile defense attorney is necessary to mitigate potential penalties.

The attorneys at Sanchez Burke have represented juveniles in a wide range of cases, ranging from first-time drug possession charges to cases involving serious sex offenses and homicide. They are experienced advocates for young people accused of crimes, and will work to protect your child’s future.

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Focusing On Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

A juvenile charge is not the end of the world, especially when it is a first-time minor offense. Whenever possible, Louisiana courts favor outcomes focused on juvenile rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Sanchez Burke will work to obtain the best result possible — one that minimizes potential penalties and enables the juvenile to move forward in a positive manner. In many cases, it may be possible to keep the juvenile’s record clean, so that educational and career options of the child can be preserved.

When it can help in the case, the firm can discuss with you the need for experts such as psychologists, counselors, social service and other professionals to develop findings that can be used to support and justify a rehabilitative outcome.

Keeping Your Child In The Juvenile Court Instead of Adult Court in Louisiana

In recent years, public opinion and legislative action have resulted in more juveniles facing increased penalties in juvenile court or transfer to adult court. Rather than an outcome that stresses rehabilitation, juveniles in these situations may face mandatory sentencing to extended time in the custody of the state and even incarceration in an adult prison. Children accused of certain sex crimes can even be made to register as sex offenders upon their release from custody.

In these cases, the immediate goal of Sanchez Burke will be to keep the case in juvenile court if at all possible. They understand the law and the process courts use when deciding where to handle cases involving serious juvenile charges. He will work to present a compelling argument to keep the case in juvenile court. Sanchez Burke will then aggressively defend the charge or charges using the appropriate legal strategy.

Whatever the criminal charge, your child deserves a chance to make the most of his or her future. Sanchez Burke will work energetically to obtain the best outcome possible based on the facts of the case. Contact us today.

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