Lake Charles Plant Accident Lawyer

Lake Charles Plant Accident Lawyer

Lake Charles Plant Accident Attorney

Industrial plants are the backbone of America’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, they are susceptible to a large number of accidents. While some of these accidents are due to the dangerous nature of the industry, many accidents could have been prevented if an employer took the proper steps to address safety hazards. If you have been injured as a result of a plant explosion or accident, contact a Lake Charles plant accident lawyer.

Lake Charles Plant Accident Lawyer

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Plant Accidents

In Lake Charles, LA, plants and refineries are important facilities, but they can also be dangerous places to work. Many accidents can be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, but you might be entitled to additional compensation if an employer was careless in a way that caused your injuries via outdated equipment or failing to maintain facilities.

If an explosion at a plant is powerful enough, the impact of the blast could severely injure employees on the premises. The large amount of pressure can damage internal organs as well as affect the ability to hear. The impact could also lift the individual into the air, injuring them as they collide with other objects.

Liquids in an industrial plant can spill from an explosion, improperly maintained equipment, or in other ways. They can cause hazardous conditions for employees, especially if they slip and fall as a result of the spilled substance. Slip and fall accidents can result in injuries like damage to the head, spine, and nerves, as well as broken bones and fractures.

Exposure to harsh chemicals can result in an increased risk of long-term illnesses and chronic conditions like cancer or mesothelioma. If chemicals make direct contact with the skin while an employee is not wearing protective equipment, this can result in severe burns that might not be immediately apparent. Improper protective gear may also result in harsh chemicals negatively impacting plant workers.

What Causes Plant Injuries?

There are several ways that individuals can be injured in a plant. Some injuries are unavoidable, while some could have been stopped with employer oversight. Common issues include things like:

  • Issues With Electricity: Overloaded electrical sockets or electrical systems that are not wired correctly could result in employees receiving an electrical shock.
  • Equipment: Machines or other facilities that are not properly maintained are at a greater risk of failure, putting employees at risk at a plant.
  • Supervision: Even highly trained employees are susceptible to mistakes. If there is not enough supervision from company leadership, this could result in critical errors that might lead to severe injuries.
  • Lack of Training: In some cases, employees are not trained enough before being placed in dangerous situations. Other times, they do not participate in routine safety procedures, which can jeopardize other employees.

Many of these issues can be traced back to inaction on the part of an employer. This means that if you have experienced an injury as a result of a plant accident, you might be able to receive compensation through a personal injury claim.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Sometimes, in cases involving plant accidents, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault for your injuries. An attorney can review medical and environmental evidence to figure out who is liable and calculate how much money you might be able to recover. Louisiana follows comparative negligence law, so it is still a good idea to consult with an attorney about your injury, even if you were partially to blame.


Q: Do I Need a Lawyer If I’ve Suffered a Personal Injury?

A: If you’ve suffered a personal injury, a lawyer is an important asset when filing a claim. They can help negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to make sure you receive a settlement amount that’s appropriate for your injuries. They can also gather and maintain evidence for your claim, like medical records, photo and video evidence, and witness testimony. To learn more about how an attorney can help with a plant accident claim, contact a personal injury lawyer.

Q: How Long Does a Personal Injury Claim Take in Louisiana?

A: Personal injury claims range widely in how long they take. The exact time frame varies based on the case’s particular complexities, such as how many parties are involved, the amount of damages being recovered, etc. Cases that go to trial tend to take longer than those that do not. For information on how long your personal injury claim might take, contact a Lake Charles workplace injury attorney.

Q: How Do You Preserve Evidence for Your Personal Injury Case in Louisiana?

A: To preserve evidence for your personal injury case in Louisiana, if possible, record as much as you can from the scene of the incident as evidence, including property damage, the surrounding environment, and materials such as the outfit you were wearing when the accident happened.

Visit your medical provider as soon as possible after the accident to generate medical records that prove your injuries. It can also be helpful to document your injuries and pain levels on a daily basis so an attorney can help you calculate damages.

Q: What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

A: In Louisiana, a catastrophic injury is considered to be more severe than a typical injury. Types of catastrophic injuries include things like limbs that must be amputated, severe damage to the brain or spinal cord that causes things like paralysis or traumatic brain injuries, injuries from electrocution, or extreme burns. Catastrophic injuries might result in higher compensation than other injuries due to their impact on the victim.

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