Who pays your bills if an injury prevents you from working?

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No matter how an injury occurs, you may worry about paying your bills if it keeps you out of work – especially if you are the breadwinner in your family.

Holding the at-fault party responsible might provide financial support for you. Going about receiving compensation depends on the cause of your injury.

At-fault drivers

Louisana holds at-fault drivers responsible for injuries and damages caused by car collisions. You can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s car insurance if you get injured in an accident. When other drivers do not have enough coverage or never purchased car insurance, you might consider filing a civil lawsuit against the driver to recover lost wages and medical expenses.

Third parties

When people are negligent, accidents can happen. Two common types of third-party accidents are:

  • Work accidents – An injury at work may be the fault of someone other than your employer. Third parties such as contractors, delivery drivers, and suppliers from other businesses can be liable if they cause an accident due to negligence.
  • Slip-and-fall – You might experience a slip-and-fall accident while visiting a business. The merchants may be responsible if this incident results from improper maintenance or upkeep of their facilities.

Most third-party claims require proving the responsible parties failed their duty of care.


Numerous products may cause you harm at no fault of your own. If manufacturers design defective items or do not label them with adequate danger warnings, they might be liable if you sustain injuries.

Knowing who is responsible for your injuries allows you to file a lawsuit against the appropriate parties to recover financial compensation.

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