Lake Charles card game leads to criminal charges

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The recent economic crisis has left some people scrambling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, some people feel that they have to resort to illegal means in order to get the finances they need to sustain their lives. Often, however, this leaves them charged with a crime.

Louisiana police have accused four men of scamming local Lake Charles contractors out of more than $10,000. The men are accused of posing as people interested in constructing a building in the Lake Charles area.

When the contractors appeared to offer bids for the jobs, they were purportedly told they had to wait for others to arrive. As they waited, the contractors were apparently invited to play in a friendly game of cards. After the game, however, all of those who lost were forced to pay their gambling debts. None of the contractors were actually allowed to bid on a construction project.

The men accused of running the card games has been charged with felony theft of over $1,500. Each was arrested and bond was set.

Notwithstanding the fact these men have each been charged with a crime, it certainly appears to be a case where there should not be a rush to judgment. However, anytime a person is facing serious charges, it is important that they have a good understanding of their rights and options. Being convicted of a crime can change a person’s life, but a conviction cannot be obtained unless there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. Strong defenses can be built challenge theft charges.

Source: The Republic, “4 accused of running card game scam in Lake Charles area,” May 1, 2012

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