More in Louisiana are charged with a crime in summer months

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As many who live in Louisiana know, it can be very hot during the summer months. The long, steamy days can lead to an increased level of aggression in some, according to reports. This aggression can even lead to people being charged with a crime in some cases.

FBI officials say that the crime rate rises during the summer months. Conversely, the rate sinks to its annual low in January and February. The gradual increase begins each year in March with the highest rates coming in August. In June through August, the crime rates rise above the national monthly average.

A significant part of the increase in crime happens because school is out, officials report. The biggest increase in types of crimes comes from juvenile offenses. The kids are out of school, leading to an increase in gang activity, car prowls and domestic violence.

Louisiana police report that they increase patrols in areas where kids are known to hang out during the summer months. Additionally, they noted that people tend to be out later at night and to drink more in the warmer months. This fact has led the police to increase their presence during these times.

As the core summer months quickly approach us here in Louisiana, it’s important to be aware that police may not be far away. Increased police presence often leads to increased criminal charges. And those who have been charged with a crime should know that they have rights and options for defending themselves from a conviction.

Source: The News Star, “Warm weather brings spike in region’s crime,” Zack Southwell, May 6, 2012

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