Calhoun man faces drug charges for Alprazolam

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A call from neighbors apparently brought police to a Louisiana man’s home on May 24. The neighbors reported that there were loud noises coming from the residence. Police reported to the residence, and the night ended with the Calhoun man being arrested on a drug possession charge.

When they arrived at the home, police requested permission to conduct a search. Though he was described as appearing nervous, the man allegedly gave the police permission to enter his home.

The 20-year-old man was arrested after police supposedly found and seized a small amount of Alprazolam in the accused man’s pocket. The one and a half units of the drug police say they found led to a drug possession charge. The arrested Louisiana man was taken to Ouachita Correction Center where bond was set at $15,000.

Police reported that the man said he had a problem with prescription drugs in the past, though he says he didn’t know where the pill that was in his pocket came from. Unfortunately, many people in our state and throughout the country struggle with drug addiction. While abusing drugs is illegal, what most of these people need more than punishment is help.

Even still, drug possession charges can result in strict penalties if a conviction is obtained. Fortunately, for who have been accused of such crimes, they cannot be convicted unless a court is convinced of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Furthermore, it may be possible to seek a reduction of penalties in the form of rehabilitation for drug use or other alternative options.

Source: The News Star, “Police arrest suspect on drug charge,” May 26, 2012

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