Man pleads guilty to drug charges, sentenced to prison

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A man in Louisiana was recently sentenced to prison for committing a serious drug crime. The man was arrested back in 2014 for trafficking drugs via the mail. He later pleaded guilty to several federal charges, including drug charges, and has been sentenced to a decade behind prison bars.

The 45-year-old man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute over 500 grams of the drug methamphetamine. He additionally pleaded guilty to having a gun with the goal of furthering his drug conspiracy. According to police, from 2013 to 2014, the man received an estimated 25 packages of the drug from suppliers in a nearby state. The packages arrived at his house through Fed Ex.

Authorities said the man then repackaged the methamphetamine and sold it to acquaintances and friends in his local area in addition to retaining some of it for his personal use. When the man was arrested, he was reportedly found to have nearly 7 grams of the drug, numerous objects that were considered to be drug paraphernalia and a handgun. His arrest was the result of an investigation involving multiple agencies, including a parish sheriff’s office and the state police.

When people face drug charges in Louisiana, it is within their rights to proceed to trial to fight the charges. However, the weight of the prosecution’s evidence may suggest the need to pursue negotiations for a plea agreement, as a plea deal might lead to lighter charges and thus a more lenient sentence for the accused. In either situation, the criminal defense will push for an outcome that is ultimately in the defendant’s best interest considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

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