Man faces drug charges after search of residence

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A Louisiana man is currently in custody on drug charges following a search of his home. Police said they discovered drugs in the man’s house, along with a high-powered weapon. The man facing drug charges is 32 years old.

Police said they executed a search warrant on a recent Thursday morning, in the early morning hours. While at the man’s house, they reportedly found marijuana and crack cocaine. They also allegedly discovered a high-powered rifle that was loaded.

The man now faces multiple criminal charges, including the distribution of crack cocaine and the possession of marijuana. His other charges include engaging in transactions that involved proceeds from his drug offenses. He has also been accused of illegally carrying a weapon while in possession of a drug, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing a firearm even though he had been previously convicted of felonies. A bond had not been set for the man.

The defendant might be offered the chance, alongside his criminal defense counsel, to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution as his case moves forward in Louisiana. If a plea agreement is offered, this must be weighed against the evidence that prosecutors intend to offer at trial in support of the drug charges filed against him. Of course, no conviction is possible unless the prosecution proves the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt — a standard that can be hard to achieve. This standard is in place with the goal of protecting innocent people from being found guilty of and punished for crimes they did not commit.

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