Close look at evidence can help defense in embezzlement case

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

When a person in Louisiana is accused of committing a white collar crime, the individual’s reputation and future are at stake. Fortunately, an individual accused of a crime such as embezzlement is always presumed innocent until and unless his or her guilt is proved in a court of law. This individual’s criminal charge must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can happen.

Besides embezzlement, other white collar crimes that can lead to time behind bars include money laundering and various types of fraud, ranging from bank fraud to loan and insurance fraud. An attorney for a person facing a criminal charge for a white collar crime will explore all aspects of the evidence that prosecutors intend to present. This is because succeeding in a criminal case is possible only if defense counsel knows more than the prosecution does.

It may be beneficial for the criminal defense to solicit the help of experts, including computer analysts and certified fraud examiners. Forensic accountants could also be consulted to help the defense. These professionals might be able to discredit or undermine the prosecution’s evidence.

However, in a criminal embezzlement case or another type of white collar crime case in Louisiana, sometimes the weight of the evidence that prosecutors plan to present at trial is strong enough to suggest the need to seek negotiations for a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea deal might offer the benefit of leading to lesser charges and/or a more lenient sentence than what would result from a finding of guilt at trial. The criminal defense in either situation will push for the most favorable outcome for the defendant in light of the circumstances surrounding the case.

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