Man facing drug charges sentenced to prison

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One man in Louisiana was recently sentenced to prison for committing crimes involving drugs. His drug charges include possessing marijuana and intending to distribute it as well as possessing firearms and furthering drug trafficking. The sentence given to the man, who is 29 years old, is for 66 months.

According to police, authorities were executing a search warrant for another person at a home one day. Authorities then reportedly discovered items for drug packaging, marijuana and scales at the residence. Agents said they also found a semi-automatic rifle that was loaded, along with a loaded pistol in the 29-year-old man’s bedroom.

The man ended up being arrested. The person for whom the search warrant was executed is also a defendant. In addition to being sentenced to prison, the 29-year-old man was sentenced to supervised release for three years.

Drug charges in Louisiana, especially those involving the intent to distribute drugs or the trafficking of drugs, are serious and can lead to time behind bars for people who are convicted. Fortunately, a person cannot be convicted of a drug crime unless and until prosecutors can prove a drug crime allegation beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather than going to trial, however, the accused individual may decide it is in his or her best interest to pursue negotiations for a plea agreement, considering the weight of the evidence that prosecutors plan to furnish to support the drug charge. It is within the right of the defendant to pursue the best outcome for himself or herself while also making sure that his or her rights are safeguarded.

Source:, “Shreveport man sentenced on drug and firearm charges”, Aug. 4, 2016

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