Man faces drug charges involving meth, marijuana

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A person can feel discomfited after being charged with drug crimes and may not know what steps they should take. Although being arrested can be an unforgettably terrible experience, a Louisiana resident does have options to pursue as a case proceeds. One man in our state was recently arrested on drug charges as well as charges related to other crimes.

The arrest occurred Tuesday after police searched his house. There, they allegedly found two firearms along with marijuana. Police said they additionally uncovered methamphetamine with paraphernalia related to the distribution of this illegal substance.

Police alleged they had gotten information about the 32-year-old man in early July, which led to an investigation. They were later able to serve a warrant to search the residence. The man faces several charges, including a felony pot possession and firearm possession by a felon who has been convicted.

Felony drug charges can be especially intimidating, as they may lead to thousands of dollars in fines and/or a prison sentence. The man in this Louisiana case has the right to enter into a plea deal with the government, which can expedite the resolution of the criminal justice proceeding and even result in a more personally favorable sentence. He might instead decide to go to trial, where prosecutors bear the burden of proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A meticulous examination of the evidence to be presented by prosecutors in an effort to support the charges made against the man may be a chief area of focus for his criminal defense.

Source:, “Winn Parish man facing drug charges after search”, , July 23, 2014

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