Louisiana detective charged with a crime, later dismissed

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Recently, a local detective was arrested for attempted murder. In addition, he was also accused of committing an act of domestic violence that may have occurred between himself and an ex. After being charged with a crime, the Louisiana officer was taken off of his regular assignments and temporarily placed on desk duty.

In April 2014, local police received a complaint concerning the detective in question. An investigation was launched into the allegations, which apparently came from the man’s girlfriend. Although exact details of what is said to have transpired are unclear, the detective did garner some fairly hefty charges.

Aside from the attempted murder, he was also charged with simple battery for the alleged incident. He pleaded not guilty to both. However, upon further investigation into the charges and available evidence, authorities determined that the attempted murder charge simply didn’t hold up, and it was ultimately dropped.

Now facing only a simple battery charge, the police department veteran of 10 years has not changed his plea, and maintains his innocence. In Louisiana, those charged with a crime must have their rights and innocence protected throughout the entirety of the court proceedings, as the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and not the other way around. In some instances such as this, lack of evidence may result in the dismissal of certain charges. For the charges that remain, careful review of the allegations and any relevant evidence alongside a defendant’s counsel can help an individual determine how to proceed in order to garner the most favorable outcome possible.

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