Cop faces sex crime charges in Louisiana

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Police officers usually have the best interests of the public in mind when upholding the law. They are also usually law-abiding citizens in their personal lives as well. However, police officers are also human and are therefore prone to mistakes and imperfections. This may have been the case for one police officer in Louisiana who is now facing sex crime charges.

The 39-year-old police officer is being accused of impregnating a 14-year-old girl. The authorities confirmed that the man was the father of the underage girl’s child after a crime lab analyzed a DNA test. The young girl gave birth to the child in July.

The authorities had been investigating the man for nearly a year. The man had previously been suspected of distributing illegal drugs in October 2013, but the authorities ultimately failed to confirm those particular allegations. However, after the DNA test results, the police officer was arrested while on the job one morning in late July. He was taken to a local jail and charged with molesting a minor, sexual battery, malfeasance in office and contribution to the delinquency of a juvenile.

On the other hand, the now-former police officer still has a right to defend himself against the sex crime charges in a court of law in Louisiana. There could still be various legal defense strategies available to the man that could help him avoid a prison sentence from the judge. A strong defense in court will also help to minimize the potential punishment from a conviction.

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