Man faces drug charges after passing out in car in Louisiana

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Many people in Louisiana have little experience with the criminal justice system. As a result, they may be unaware of the necessary actions that must be taken if charged with a crime. For example, a young man who now faces drug charges may be unsure how to respond to the accusations against him.

According to reports, the 21-year-old male reportedly passed out in his car while parked in the parking lot of a gas station. Police claim that the man had been unconscious for approximately nine hours when they responded. The man, responding officers say, did not awaken until a deputy opened the car door.

Reports claim that it took multiple requests before the man exited the vehicle. When he did, deputies assert that he had trouble standing, and his speech was slurred. He allegedly admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana out of a soda can with holes cut it in. Police say that there were also a knife and a whiskey bottle in the vehicle. Because of his condition, the man was reportedly transported to a correctional center; he has since been charged with disturbing the peace/drunkenness and possession of drug paraphernalia.

When facing drug charges or any other types of criminal charges, there are multiple decisions that must be made. Primarily, a defendant must choose whether to fight the charges in court or whether to accept a plea deal for a reduced charge and/or sentence. To ensure that he is prepared to make informed decisions, he may choose to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Louisiana.

Source:, “Winnsboro man smokes synthetic marijuana, passes out for over 9 hours“, Sharon Cummings, Nov. 27, 2017

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