Avoid bringing a gun in your carry-on at the airport

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It is natural to be a bit forgetful from time to time. However, one place you definitely do not want to be forgetful is the airport. Every year, TSA ends up confiscating numerous items from passengers who simply forgot to remove a prohibited item from their carry-on luggage. In some cases, the forgotten item is a firearm.

Louisiana is an open carry state, so it is natural for some people to have a gun on their person when they go through town. This person may simply forget to remove the item from her purse before boarding a flight, and this can lead to serious consequences. TSA may understand it was a simple accident, but it does not mean you will get off the hook scot-free.

Consequences of accidentally bringing on a gun

The most common punishment for accidentally having a gun in your carry-on luggage is a fine. The TSA has various fines in place for people who bring prohibited items, and some of them can be in excess of $1,000. Depending on whether the gun is fully loaded at the time of check-in, the fine could even be as high as $7,500. You do not want to put a damper on your trip by having to pay an excessive fine, so make sure to double-check your carry-ons before departing.

How to fly with a firearm

In the event you absolutely need to bring your gun with you on your trip, there is a way to fly legally with a firearm. It needs to go safely in your check-in luggage. The gun needs to go in storage in a TSA-approved case, and the TSA even provides a list of acceptable cases. At the time of check-in, you should state you have a gun in your luggage. The person behind the counter will have a few questions for you to answer, such as whether you are also traveling with ammo, but the process should not take very long.

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