Criminal defense: Louisiana nightclub bouncer arrested

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When facing criminal charges, many people in Louisiana do not have the necessary experience to make informed decisions regarding the direction their case will take. Unfortunately, a nightclub bouncer is now likely pondering his criminal defense after his recent arrest. He is accused of impersonation of a police officer.

The incident that led to the 39-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in late November. According to reports, troopers who were on foot patrol noticed two men, one chasing the other. The pursuer, the defendant, was reportedly wearing tactical pants and a ballistic vest with “State Agent” written on it. He was also said to have been carrying a gun.

The troopers reportedly helped apprehend the man being chased; however, as he was being handcuffed, the man chasing the detainee reportedly shot him with a Taser. Upon further investigation, troopers determined that the man in the ballistic vest was not a police officer, as they apparently had originally thought. He claimed that he was a bounty hunter. In addition to the impersonation charge, he is also charged with aggravated battery. Reports indicate that he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Unfortunately, there are many different decisions that must be made when planning a criminal defense. To ensure that they are prepared to make informed decisions, many defendants in Louisiana seek help. An attorney with experience with the criminal justice system can guide those accused of a crime through the process, including helping them choose whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal.

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