Man accused of sex crimes involving kids sentenced to prison

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One man in Louisiana was recently sentenced to prison in connection with the crime of child pornography. According to authorities, the 53-year-old man downloaded as well as saved and catalogued over 500,000 videos and images depicting kids being forced to take part in conduct considered to be sexually explicit. Some of the children who were victims of the man’s sex crimes were only four weeks old.

Police said the man had one of the biggest collections of child-related pornography ever found in the state of Louisiana. Police discovered the collection after executing a search warrant at the man’s home. While at the home, authorities seized 13 storage drives and two computers and said they found evidence that the man had forced a young girl to perform sexual acts while he recorded it.

The man pleaded guilty and ended up facing a stiffer sentence since he had already been convicted for lasciviously and lewdly assaulting a minor back in 1987. The man was sentenced to more than 27 years behind prison bars. Registering as a sex offender and being supervised the remainder of his life are also a part of the man’s sentence.

When individuals in Louisiana are accused of sex crimes, they have the right to proceed to trial and contest the charges. An alternative option for them is to strike a plea deal with prosecutors. If available, a plea deal may be beneficial in that it might lead to a lighter sentence versus what a defendant may receive if convicted at trial. In either situation, defense counsel will strive to protect the client’s legal rights while pursuing the most favorable result for the individual.

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