2 accused of fraud in Louisiana following car purchases

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Two individuals were recently accused of fraud in Louisiana. The arrests on fraud charges came after police said the two individuals used fake paperwork to buy nine vehicles. Authorities said they were still looking for a couple more individuals who allegedly played roles in the criminal activity.

Police said that during their investigation into a complaint about a stolen automobile, they arrested a man, 30, on charges of illegally possessing items that had been stolen. Authorities later received reports about a vehicle that had been stolen from a street. Police said that after investigating the theft, they discovered that the same man had used phony paperwork at many different locations to get loans to purchase multiple vehicles.

The total value of the man’s allegedly stolen vehicles is more than $500,000. These vehicles include a Chevrolet Camaro, Lexus RCF and Infiniti SUV. The man was held at a parish detention center, with his bond set at $125,000. Police reported that they also took the man’s girlfriend, 36, into custody because she allegedly had three stolen vehicles in her possession as well.

The two individuals accused of fraud in Louisiana cannot be convicted unless and until their charges are proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead of going to trial, however, the two defendants may choose to strike plea deals with prosecutors, if offered, which may lead to lighter sentences. The criminal defense in this type of fraud case will strive for an outcome that is ultimately in the defendant’s best interests while making certain that his or her rights are upheld at all stages of the criminal justice proceeding.

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