Man faces drug charges in connection with conspiracy

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One man in Louisiana recently faced federal drug charges. The man was expected to plead guilty to these serious drug charges. The criminal charges are connected to a reported methamphetamine-related conspiracy in which he took part.

Authorities said the conspiracy involved importing and then selling at least 50 grams of meth throughout last year. The man was indicted by a grand jury for his part in the conspiracy in early December 2015. Six other people were also indicted at that time.

A U.S. district judge was expected to accept the man’s guilty plea, which would then move the trial for the other six individuals facing charges related to the alleged conspiracy. These charges include distributing meth, the use of a communication device to further a crime, and conspiracy. These six individuals decided to plead not guilty to their charges. If this group of individuals ends up being convicted, prosecutors said they would attempt to seize various properties that might be traced to the group’s alleged drug-sale proceeds.

Federal drug charges have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the government in Louisiana; otherwise, no conviction can be secured. A person accused of committing drug-related crimes has the right to go to trial to vigorously fight the charges or to seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea agreement might lead to lesser charges and/or a lighter sentence for the accused individual. The individual’s criminal defense will pursue an outcome that is in his or her best interests while also ensuring that his or her rights are upheld during all stages of the criminal proceeding.

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