Louisiana man faces drug possession charge and other crimes

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A Louisiana man from Union Parish has been taken into custody based on drug possession allegations. The drug possession charge that has been filed against the man relates to his possession of various drugs in violation of a protective order. The 34-year-old man was booked at the detention center in Union Parish.

In addition to the drug possession charge, which includes three separate counts, the man has also been charged with stealing gas, meth possession, marijuana possession and Hydrocodone possession. Further charges include resisting an officer, illegal firearm possession, drug paraphernalia possession and other charges. The first of these charges were brought against the man on May 31 after sheriff’s officers conducted a routine traffic stop on a car in which the man was riding.

Allegedly, when police stopped the vehicle, the man ran off into the woods. Police confirmed who it was with other occupants of the car and confirmed that a warrant was out for his arrest on the basis of a protective order violation. The man was not ultimately taken into custody by authorities until June 12, when the suspect allegedly stole gas from a gas station. Police went to the suspect’s residence to arrest him, where they allegedly found the drugs and illegal firearm in the man’s home.

It is not uncommon for Louisiana residents who face a drug possession charge to also face a variety of other criminal charges at the same time. For this reason, it is important for their criminal defense to be constructed in a manner that takes into account the nuances of all the alleged criminal violations that took place. Those nuances include the burden of proof required to achieve a verdict of guilty for these crimes and the potential punishments relating to those crimes. The evidence gathered by the prosecution against the accused must also be examined in detail in order to construct the most watertight and constructive defense against the crimes.

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