Accused Farmerville man may benefit from legal representation

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A teenage man from Farmerville has been arrested on charges of burglary. The arrest came following an investigation carried out by sheriff’s detectives from Union Parish. Although the alleged burglary crime was reported to be simple, the 19-year-old Louisiana man may wish to obtain a legal representation to defend himself against the allegations.

Sheriff’s detectives first began their investigation after an all-terrain vehicle went missing in Bernice. However, during their investigation, authorities discovered that some woodworking equipment had also gone missing in Marion. Allegedly, authorities discovered that the accused man had pawned the woodworking machinery in West Monroe.

The man was taken into custody and booked at the detention center in Union Parish on a recent Monday. He was charged with possession of stolen property valued at over $1,500 and simple burglary. He was also charged with marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession. He is currently being held on a bond of $9,500 for the drug-related charges, and his bond for the theft charge has yet to be set.

When a Louisiana resident faces criminal accusations backed by strong evidence, he or she may wish to obtain legal representation to help in the defense against the allegations. Even if the evidence is sufficient to result in conviction, by asserting a strong legal defense and/or reaching a plea deal, those accused of crimes may be able to significantly reduce the severity of potential punishments. Fortunately, even those who do not have the means to afford private legal counsel will have the right to a free, state-sponsored legal representative.

Source:, “Farmerville man booked on burglary and drug charges”, , June 24, 2014

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