Legal representation on tap for basketball star in criminal case

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A 19-year-old college basketball star from another state was recently arrested and accused of domestic abuse and aggravated battery. The man was arrested in Louisiana, according to the website of the Sheriff’s Office for East Baton Rouge Parish. He was booked on a recent Tuesday and later released after posting bail of $10,000. This young man has likely already sought legal representation to represent his interests as this criminal case moves forward. Indeed, anyone who is accused of a crime in Louisiana will have the right to prepare and present a formidable against the charges in court.

In this case, the man faces charges in connection with two different incidents involving the same woman. One allegedly took place last year. The other allegedly took place this month. The basketball player apparently told authorities that the most recent event did not involve a physical altercation, just a verbal one.

The basketball player is 6”9’ tall and weighs 215 pounds. He recently graduated from a Baton Rouge high school and was admitted to the University of South Carolina and expected to play on their basketball team. The man is expected to begin his studies at the university this summer. In response to his arrest, the university says it will be investigating the incident.

This young Louisiana man could have a promising basketball career ahead of him. However, that career could be cut short if he is found guilty of the domestic abuse allegations that he has been charged with. With solid legal representation, though, he can defend himself against those charges in court while also protecting all of his legal rights. If he successfully navigates his criminal defense, it could help him to save his future college basketball career and hopefully avoid further complications.

Source:, “Gamecocks basketball signee arrested in Louisiana”, , June 11, 2014

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