Louisiana drug charges: man accused after restaurant lot tip

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A local Louisiana restaurant in Eunice was the scene of a drug arrest in late June. An 18-year-old stands accused of multiple drug charges that include possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked on the drug charges at the Eunice Police Department.

The teenager is accused of attempting to sell drugs in the restaurant parking lot. Police became aware of the man after someone tipped them off. Officers say that when they came into contact with the accused man, he purportedly told them that he was in possession of synthetic marijuana. They searched his car and say they found drugs, drug paraphernalia and a sawed-off shotgun.

The announcement of the drug charges against the young man did not include any indication of the drugs that were said to have been seized. The 16-year-old who was with the man at the time of the police search was also taken into custody. He was booked, but then released on bond to his parents.

The drug charges made against the Louisiana man could result in serious penalties if he is convicted. However, a conviction can only be obtained after proving each and every element of the crimes charged in court. That is no easy task and must be accomplished while observing all of the accused man’s legal rights.

Sometimes police are overzealous in making an arrest. In cases in which police search a vehicle or other property, they are required to follow certain rules. If it is determined that a search was performed wrongly or improperly, evidence collected in that search may be thrown out. Strong defenses can be built to challenge drug charges.

Source: KATC, “Eunice Police arrest man on drug charges,” June 28, 2012

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