Louisiana woman facing more than 100 counts of bank fraud

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White collar crimes can range from bank and insurance fraud to embezzlement and money laundering. White collar crime allegations can be life-altering, and the potential consequences for a conviction may include jail time and substantial financial penalties. A Louisiana woman is currently facing over 125 counts of bank fraud as well as theft of more than $1,500.

The 33-year-old woman, a resident of Jennings, was working at a local loan company. Allegedly, she approved loans for customers in exchange for receiving a portion of the loan proceeds as a commission for the transaction. She purportedly instructed the customers to cash the check at a local grocery store or bank. After the check had been cashed, they were to bring her back a certain agreed-upon portion of the funds received.

Reportedly, the total amount that the woman is accused of stealing is more than $225,000. She was being held in the Jefferson Davis Parish Jail with no bond initially set. Indications were that the police investigation was ongoing, though the specific details of the alleged wrongdoing were not revealed.

It is certainly overwhelming to have to confront 128 distinct counts of bank fraud. The potential severity of any punishment for a criminal conviction mandates that the accused individual focus her attention of the details of the charges as she prepares to present her criminal defense. She has the same absolute right to the presumption of innocence as anyone else unless and until the state of Louisiana is able to prove the claims made against her in a court of law. The woman will also have every opportunity to challenge the evidence offered against her as well as to confront witnesses who offer testimony in support of the white collar crimes alleged.

Source: American Press, “Jennings woman charged with 128 counts of bank fraud,” June 14, 2012

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