Suspects yet to be charged in Louisiana murder case

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Louisiana residents, as well as people across America, are watching as an ongoing murder case in our state continues to unfold. A young woman is believed to have been stabbed in the chest before her body was dismembered and discarded in the Gulf of Mexico. Police have been investigating the crime since part of the woman’s body washed onto a beach on June 7, but so far no one has been charged with a crime in connection with the murder. Other body parts were soon found on beaches nearby.

The young woman worked as an exotic dancer on Bourbon Street. She was seen leaving her place of employment on the night of June 6 with a man and woman. The two were arrested on other charges during a Louisiana traffic stop in Loranger, and a field where that the man purportedly ran through before his capture and arrest was being searched for clues.

Police believe that the victim was stabbed in the chest during the crime, and are now searching for a hunting knife that would match the wound. Investigators from the FBI have completed processing the suspects’ vehicle, and are working on searching their residence for more clues. This case has brought many different law enforcement agencies together. Police in nearby states and the FBI are assisting Louisiana investigators in solving this murder.

For now, the man and woman with whom the victim was last seen are being held without bond on other charges, and have yet to be charged with a crime. The man may soon be extradited to another state where he is wanted for failure to register as a sex offender. Nevertheless, a recent news report included little mention of evidence tying the two suspects to the alleged crime other than that the three left the Bourbon Street club together. In view of the severe consequences possible if a conviction is obtained, each individual must act to protect their legal rights as they focus on the evidence and the criminal allegations swirling about them. It’s important to note that a person can seek legal advice even before being charged with a crime.

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