Louisiana criminal defense: Fisherman arrested for fish sales

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A 30-year-old man was recently arrested for alleged violations of commercial fishing laws. The man was arrested in an undercover fish sting operation. Agents claim to have purchased poached redfish and speckled trout from the man, according to information released by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The man will now require a criminal defense in order to seek the best possible outcome in his case.

At this time, the arrested man faces approximately $8,300 worth of civil restitution, which he may have to pay if convicted of illegal fishing and illegal fish possession. In addition to the alleged illegally possessed fish, agents claim to have seized two vehicles, one of which they say was used in fishing-related offenses. The man has been charged with various crimes, including selling fish without a proper license, taking fish without a licensed vessel and other violations. If convicted of some of the offenses, the man could face a maximum punishment of three to four months in jail, a $500 to $950 fine for each offense and other consequences.

When a Louisiana fisherman fails to comply with boat regulations and other permit requirements, a whole host of potential fines and punishments can come into play. Indeed, one may not consider the trading of fish to be serious, but for authorities, it is an entirely different matter. Considering that this man could be sent to jail, the gravity of his situation is plain to see.

Although this man’s punishments could be severe, it does not mean that he will ultimately be convicted of any such crimes. Individuals who are accused of crimes in the state of Louisiana will always have the ability to preserve their rights and freedoms by defending themselves in court. Indeed, it will not be until that individual is proven guilty that he or she could face potential punishment for the alleged crimes. Until then, this man may be able to succeed via a criminal defense to absolve himself of the charges.

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