Man arrested on drug charges in Louisiana

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Recently, police in Louisiana arrested a man on drug charges during an undercover operation. Arresting officers allege that the 35-year-old man was engaged in the sale of various controlled substances, including crystal meth. Officers claim that they found substances with a street value of about $12,000 inside the man’s home. Subsequently, police arrested the man on the drug charges.

Aside from the crystal meth, police say they found GHB, ecstasy and LSD in the residence. Hydro marijuana, a type of marijuana grown in water rather than in soil, was also allegedly found. Additionally, police discovered over $4,600 in cash, which they assert was money related to drug transactions.

The specific drug charges the man faces include the intention to distribute various drugs, clonazapam and marijuana distribution. He has also been charged with intention to distribute LSD and drug paraphernalia possession. The charges are numerous, but each of these charges will involve its own legal litmus test before the man can actually be convicted.

Few Louisiana residents expect to be arrested on drug charges violations, but when an arrest does occur, the issues must be formally addressed in court. Often, drug charges involve multiple legal counts. For example, an individual may be accused of possession, trafficking and paraphernalia possession. While this represents a unique challenge for those defending themselves, it is not an insurmountable one. It simply means that each charge must be viewed individually — and all the facts and evidence must be carefully analyzed — in order to prepare and present a meaningful and effective defense.

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