Louisiana criminal defense: 5 accused of drug fraud

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Alleged prescription drug fraud has resulted in the arrest of five individuals in Louisiana. The individuals have been accused of participating in a pharmaceutical drug operation in which authorities claim they were distributing various drugs and medicines illegally. They must now face the accusations in court; though the accused in this case will have the right and ability to present a vigorous criminal defense that seeks the best possible result.

Authorities claim that hundreds of fraudulent prescriptions were written, involving about 100,000 doses of Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. In addition, authorities allege that numerous prescriptions were signed for Amphetamine, Ketamine and anabolic steroids. Investigators further say that a physician’s assistant created fake prescriptions for associates, friends and relatives.

The five arrested individuals include three men, ages 39, 40 and 43. Additionally, two women were arrested, age 43 and 40. Each individual is facing unique charges that include Oxycodone distribution, Lortab distribution and racketeering. Additional charges include obtaining controlled substances through fraud. According to authorities, more arrests are anticipated.

The Louisiana residents who were arrested in this case will not face any punishments unless the prosecution is able to present evidence that proves their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving guilt is harder than it might immediately appear, and therefore, the accused will have opportunities to try to get some or all of the charges dropped and/or dismissed during the litigation of their cases. Additionally, it may be possible that a successfully prepared and presented criminal defense could result in a verdict of not guilty or, alternatively, a plea agreement designed to limit sentencing consequences.

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