Louisiana criminal defense: Arrests made after botched drug deal

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Social media has significantly changed how people in Louisiana and across the world interact with one another. While it is a great tool to maintain contact with friends and loved ones who may live far away, it can have its drawbacks as well. Unfortunately, police claim that a drug deal arranged on social media has now left multiple people considering their criminal defense.

Police claim that a 19-year-old male arranged to sell what they termed a controlled dangerous substance to someone through Snapchat. Both he and his girlfriend traveled to meet the people to which they were allegedly selling marijuana. However, reports indicate that when the two men arrived, one of them pulled a gun and attempted to rob the teenager. Following a fight, the teenager was shot in both of his legs.

Police say that teen and his girlfriend are now facing charges of distribution of a schedule I controlled dangerous substance as well as criminal conspiracy. The two men who were allegedly trying to steal the drugs are suspected of attempted second degree murder. One of those men remains at large.

Regardless of the charges a person may face in Louisiana, the prospect of navigating the criminal justice system alone can be daunting. Without professional help, a defendant can ultimately make decisions that are not in his or her best interests and could have a significant impact on the rest of his or her life. As a result, many ask for guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can ensure that they are prepared to make informed decisions about their cases.

Source: thenewsstar.com, “Shooting suspect sought after Snapchat drug deal goes bad“, Ashley Mott, Jan. 29, 2018

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