Guiding clients through divorce in Louisiana

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

When a couple chooses to marry, they do so with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, some in Louisiana ultimately come to the conclusion that they are no longer compatible. However, even when couples are in agreement that a divorce is the best possible outcome, strong emotions are often involved in the process.

Because the emotional side of a divorce is difficult enough, many people seeking to end their marriage often ask the attorneys at Sanchez Burke to help guide them through the process. This allows them to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience helping clients protect their rights as well as their best interests.

In fact, one of our attorneys is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, a distinction received by only approximately 100 of 20,000 attorneys who are actively practicing in the state. We have an understanding of how overwhelming the process is and will walk our clients through the issues that must be settled in a divorce. We can help you recognize your goals regarding a variety of different family law issues, including child custody and visitation, spousal support and property division, among other issues.

We know that our clients are interested in a conclusion that is both efficient and no more costly than is required. As a result, we are committed to a timely and cost-efficient end. Often, an initial consultation regarding the divorce process is the first step to a happier life for couples in Louisiana.

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