Criminal defense: Realtor charged in Louisiana beating death

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It is often difficult to predict how someone might react when faced with a perceived threat. While some people might run for help, others might fight to protect themselves Regardless of the potential for someone to take action to protect him or herself, police officers in Louisiana believe that the recent death of a man was murder. It is unclear how they determined that the man charged was not acting in self-defense. The defendant in the case is likely considering his criminal defense.

Police claim they were called at approximately 1:30 a.m. on a day in early January. Witnesses accused a 25-year-old commercial realtor of beating a 60-year-old man. Police are said to believe that the former kicked the victim after he was on the ground. The younger man was taken into custody, suspected of battery, while the alleged victim was transported to the hospital.

Soon after, the defendant was released from jail after he posted bail. However, the older man passed away and a warrant for an arrest for second-degree murder was secured. The defendant reportedly turned himself into authorities. If convicted of the murder charge, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The young Louisiana man now has several important decisions facing him. These decisions potentially include fighting the charges against him in court or negotiating a plea deal which could include a reduced charge in exchange for a guilty plea. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help him fully understand these options and their implications, ensuring that he is fully prepared to make informed decisions.

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