Commercial flights and an indictment on drug charges

On Behalf of Sanchez Burke, LLC

Illegal drugs continue to be a problem in Louisiana. Efforts to curtail the influx of drugs are ongoing. A recent investigation resulted in multiple indictments in Jefferson Parish. The indictments brought drug charges against multiple people.

Fourteen people have been indicted on multiple counts of smuggling drugs and laundering money. They allegedly smuggled drugs from California to Louisiana on board commercial flights. They are accused of bribing airline employees to facilitate the movement of drugs across state lines. One of those indicted is an airline employee who is supposed to have supplied over 100 airline passes to the other people mentioned in the indictment.

While the effort to battle the drug problem is a noble one, it does not detract from a person’s right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The drugs included in the indictment were marijuana, Oxycodone and heroin. Several of the 14 are also suspected of being involved in the money laundering.

People caught up in a dragnet such as this are likely to be confused, scared and unsure of where to turn. They all have a right to a trial by jury, and they all begin the process with a presumption of innocence. A person in Louisiana who finds him or herself facing drug charges in such a situation could benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal law attorney. A lawyer can review the evidence and advise his or her client on the legal avenues available. A knowledgeable attorney will fight to defend the rights of his or her client and try to get the best outcome possible.

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