Too much affection or lack thereof: Either may lead to divorce

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Just about the only thing one can say with any certainty about marriage is that no two relationships are exactly the same. No matter how many books are written on how to keep relationships alive, however, it is impossible to predict which Louisiana marriages will last a lifetime and which will end in divorce. Several authors and relationship analysts recently discussed the issue and they believe there are various signs that suggest a particular marriage may have problems at some point.

One of the most surprising red flag signals of marriage trouble is when spouses are overly romantic in the early months of their relationship. According to a study that observed more than 160 couples for more than 10 years, couples who are so overly affectionate that they are oblivious to the world around them often wind up getting divorced when the sparks die down. Common life circumstances, such as having children, working or juggling finances can quickly diffuse a hyped-up romantic flame; some are never rekindled.

Spouses who experience a significant lack of affection, perhaps the other extreme, may also be more prone to divorce. Also, those who begin their relationships in environments very different from their marriage lifestyles may decide they weren’t meant for each other after all. For instance, couples who love to travel the world in the early days of their relationship may feel dissatisfied if life changes require them to stay home more often.

The bottom line is that no matter what the exact reasons for divorce happen to be, no one has to go it alone in court. The stronger support system a spouse secures ahead of time, the better. One of the best assets a person can have by his or her side during Louisiana divorce proceedings is an experienced family law attorney.

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