Fast food robberies leads to the need for a criminal defense

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Where significant sums of money change hands, robberies are likely to occur in Louisiana. This includes banks, liquor stores, convenience stores and now fast food restaurants. Orleans and Jefferson Parish fast food restaurants have been the target of a spate of recent robberies. Involvement in such a crime could lead to the need for a criminal defense.

The robberies have occurred at Subway restaurants and most recently police say there was an attempted robbery at an area Wendy’s restaurant. They claim a suspect entered the Wendy’s and attempted to remove a cash drawer while brandishing a gun. Reportedly, he was unable to remove the cash drawer and fled in a dark Chevrolet Malibu that had a temporary tag that did not come up in the system.

The New Orleans Police Department has identified a suspect in the case. The suspect does not appear to have any prior convictions for a felony in either Orleans or Jefferson Parish. They assert that the details of the robberies are similar in that the suspect entered the establishments to steal a cash register or a cash drawer.

There are 10 warrants for the 55-year-old man’s arrest. Regardless of the number of pending charges against him, he is still presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone facing charges in Louisiana similar to the case above can seek the counsel of an experienced criminal law attorney to aid with his or her criminal defense. A knowledgeable lawyer can be a calming presence at a stressful time, and the attorney can also counsel his or her client regarding the best legal paths available given the circumstances presented.

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