Birthday celebration ends with a drunk driving charge

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Mardi Gras celebrations are in full swing in Louisiana. Sadly, that can also mean that there is an increase in the number of suspected drunk driving accidents in and around the New Orleans area. One such accident occurred not far from the French Quarter and involved a vehicle reportedly ramming into a crowd of pedestrians.

The suspect, who had been celebrating his birthday, reportedly lost control and drove into a crowd of people on a street not far from where the Endymion parade was taking place. The Endymion is one of New Orleans’s largest Mardi Gras celebrations. Two people were reported killed in the incident and six people were injured. The two who died had been on bicycles. The ages of the dead and injured ranged from 28 to 65.

The 32-year-old, identified as the son of a police officer, faces charges of vehicular homicide, negligent injury, reckless operation and hit and run. A blood alcohol test was administered by officers at the scene. The results of the test are not yet known.

Facing charges for drunk driving is not the way one would want to end a birthday celebration in New Orleans. When the accident results in the death and injury of others, a person may feel he or she has no way out of a very scary situation. An attorney in Louisiana experienced in dealing with drunk driving cases can apprise the client of his or her rights and work to protect those rights throughout the criminal justice process. In addition, a lawyer can inform the individual of the legal options that may be available.

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