Drug charges can derail a second chance

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Drug addiction is a scourge that continues to plague Louisiana and the nation. Some in the criminal justice system are endeavoring to provide a second chance to repeat offenders. One such chance may have gone awry recently when a parolee was arrested and is now facing drug charges.

A man who had been arrested and charged as a habitual drug offender was sentenced to life in prison after having three previous felony convictions. He pursued his education while incarcerated. Twenty years later, he had become a model prisoner and was considered for parole under Louisiana’s effort to reduce harsh sentences. The man enrolled in a training program, Strive NOLA, and was hired as an office manager by the Orleans Parish Public Defenders Office.

He performed well at his job that included everything from repairing copiers, stocking paper supplies and giving people rides. He had an excellent attitude and attendance record. Recently, he was reportedly found in his car hanging out at a popular drug site, and police say when they approached the vehicle he got out holding what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. On further investigation they claimed they found a bag containing a white substance inside the car and suspected it was cocaine. They arrested the man, and he faces the possibility of returning to prison.

Drug addiction is a horrible disease with no known cure. Addiction is also a disease of relapse. A person who is striving to stay sober and is facing drug charges in Louisiana is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. An experienced attorney can ensure that the accused is apprised of his rights and that those rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

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