Facing drug charges can be overwhelming

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Police officers executing a warrant for one charge in Louisiana are within their rights to request a further warrant if they see evidence of an additional crime. A warrant was issued for the arrest of a man who was believed to be in violation of a protection order. Officers arrived at the man’s home in Chalmette with a warrant for his arrest. Upon entering the home they claimed to see evidence in plain sight that supported bringing drug charges against the man as well.

Based on the marijuana that the officers claimed they saw upon entering the man’s home, the officers obtained an additional warrant to search the man’s home for drugs. The search reportedly turned up significant amounts of cocaine, Aprazonlam, Ecstasy and LSD. The drugs reportedly had an estimated street value of $5,000.

In addition to the drugs, officers also reported finding drug paraphernalia including packing material, pipes, bongs and scales. There was also a .9mm Beretta on the premises, and it is not yet clear if the weapon was stolen. Being confronted with drug charges on top of additional charges may leave a person feeling overwhelmed. While anyone under arrest has the right to remain silent, the inclination to defend oneself and protest one’s innocence may be strong. It is important to remember that anything said at such a time may be used against one in a court of law.

A person facing drug charges in Louisiana may not be sufficiently familiar with the law and the rights applicable to such circumstances. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help guide one through the legal process. A lawyer can advise the client as to what rights are available and work to ensure that those rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

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