6 people charged after alleged Lake Charles burglary

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Recently, deputies with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of an alleged burglary in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Six people, ranging in age from 15 to 41, were reportedly charged with a crime in connection with the alleged burglary. An investigation remains ongoing into the incident, and officials have not ruled out more arrests.

Here, it appears the alleged thefts took place between Feb. 4 and Feb. 6. A number of items were removed from a Lake Charles home, including pieces of jewelry, televisions and computers. Authorities charged each of the six suspects with simple burglary and theft over $1,500. Deputies subsequently moved to recover many of the items after they searched nearby residences, purportedly with the permission of the respective homeowners.

The charges of which the six people stand accused are serious allegations of criminal conduct not to be taken lightly. A successful conviction on simple burglary and theft could lead to jail time, in addition to various financial penalties. They should thus seek to mount a vigorous criminal defense as they fight against the charges.

It is important for those who have been accused of a crime to remember that under U.S. law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. While prosecutors are under significant pressure to make convictions, they still must prove without a doubt that the defendants committed the crime. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney may be helpful in beginning to learn your rights in these situations. Understanding your rights can go a long way toward protecting your freedom.

Source: Southwest Daily News, “Six arrested for burglary, theft in Lake Charles,” Feb. 9, 2012

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