Lake Charles CAT Team investigations result in drug charges

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The city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, does not take drug activity lightly. As a result, law enforcement officials have compiled an antidrug task force in the area. The Combined Anti-Drug Task Force, also known as the CAT Team, recently completed an investigation into alleged drug activity taking place at a home on Katherine Street and at the Baymont Inn on the MLK Highway. The CAT Team made several arrests as a result of the investigation. Now, five men are facing drug charges.

After executing a search warrant for each location, officers located around 50 fluid ounces of promethazine with codeine and six pounds of hydroponic marijuana. Officers also recovered an undisclosed amount of cash at the locations. Four people, ranging in age from 24 to 54 years old, were taken into custody and booked at the Calcasieu Correctional Center.

A judge set a bond of $50,000 for each person. They were charged with possession with intent of CDS I for the marijuana and possession with intent of CDS V for the promethazine. Members of the CAT Team also searched a home on Pecan Acres Road, also in Lake Charles. During that search, officers recovered more cash and an additional amount of hydroponic marijuana. The 38-year-old homeowner was arrested and released on summons.

It is safe to say that the crackdown on drug activity in Lake Charles, and the arrests made in conjunction with the alleged drug activity, is evidence of how seriously Louisiana law enforcement agencies take drug crimes. People who have found themselves in a similar situation may find it helpful to seek experienced legal advice. Strong defenses can be built to challenge drug charges.

Source: Sulphur Daily News, “C.A.T. Team arrests five for drugs,” Feb. 3, 2012

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