Sex crimes: man arrested for failure to register as sex offender

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Authorities in Lake Charles, Louisiana, take sex crimes very seriously. A conviction can result in significant jail time, as well as punitive fines and possible probation. In addition to the aforementioned consequences, those convicted of sex crimes are required by law to list themselves as sex offenders with the proper authorities. Failure to do so can result in additional criminal charges and possible added jail time. Recently, a previously convicted man in Calcasieu Parish found this out after he was arrested for failure to register.

Reportedly an investigation, conducted by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Compliance and Awareness Unit (CAP Unit), brought light to the fact that the man had moved to a new home without offering notification to the correct authorities. By law, proper notification and sex offender registration is required within three days of moving. The details of the man’s move were not readily available, but it is not impossible to think that he simply forgot to notify authorities of his relocation.

The now 47-year-old man, who was convicted of indecent behavior with juveniles in 2010, is being held at the Calcasieu Correctional Center on $2,500 bond in connection with his recent arrest and alleged charges, as well as for an outstanding warrant for theft. While details of the man’s failure to register are not clear, it is safe to say that he will likely benefit from education and counsel about his legal options. In cases like this, knowledge of the law can go a long way toward protecting one’s freedom.

Source: KPLC 7, “Lake Charles man arrested for failure to register,” Kadi Hanes, Feb. 14, 2012

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