44-year-old Louisiana man accused of juvenile sex crimes

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A Louisiana man has been arrested on multiple charges of committing sex crimes. The man has been accused of committing those sex crimes against minors. Allegedly, he participated in the production of child pornography, solicited minors through the internet and committed indecent behavior with juveniles.

Authorities claim that the 44-year-old man committed oral sexual battery and rape against minors. He was arrested on a recent Wednesday at his home in Thibodeaux. He must now face these multiple sex crimes charges in criminal court.

Investigators say that they are continuing to look into the matter, and it is possible they will bring additional allegations against the man. A representative from the Investigations Division of the Attorney General stated that it is possible that more victims will be found as more information is revealed through the investigation. Any victims and/or individuals who might have more information about the 44-year-old man in question have been encouraged to come forward with that information.

The charges against this Louisiana man are grave and serious, and they will come with the threat of many years behind bars if he is convicted. In some cases that involve juvenile sex crimes allegations, Louisiana residents could even spend the rest of their lives behind bars if they are found guilty. Nevertheless, some of the individuals accused of such crimes can improve their situation dramatically during criminal defense proceedings. Even if a prison sentence is ultimately unavoidable, these individuals could get a significant reduction in the time they spend in jail and/or a reduction in other potential punishments.

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