3 arrested on drug possession with intent to distribute charges

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Three men have been taken into custody in Shreveport after authorities busted into a hotel room. Police say they seized hashish oil, hash and marijuana during the raid. The Louisiana arrests come in the wake of a three-week-long investigation conducted by the Shreveport Caddo Narcotics Unit. The men have been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute among other crimes.

Police say that the hash they confiscated is a highly concentrated marijuana derivative, which they do not commonly see in Shreveport. They suspect that the controlled substance came from California, where one of the suspects is from. In addition to the hash, hashish oil and marijuana, authorities also seized a vehicle, a handgun and approximately $20,000 in cash.

According to police, even though marijuana and other cannabis-based drugs are being legalized in other states, it does not mean they are legal in Louisiana. Authorities say that they will continue to pursue individuals they suspect are dealing and possessing such controlled substances. With this most recent arrest, it appears that state and local authorities are indeed enthusiastic about putting their feet down.

These men, who are currently in custody at the jail in Shreveport City, will now have to face their criminal allegations in Louisiana court. If convicted of drug possession with intent to distribute and the other allegations, they could face serious criminal punishments. Nevertheless, by successfully navigating their criminal defense proceedings, some of them may be able to get the more severe allegations dismissed and dramatically improve the outcome of their cases.

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