Louisiana woman and several others arrested on drug charges

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A 36-year-old Louisiana woman has been accused of disguising herself as a nurse in her efforts to obtain prescription pain medication. The woman was taken into custody by police in late January, and she was scheduled for arraignment in early April. According to Pike County Circuit Court records, the drug charges she faces include the fraudulent attempt to obtain narcotics and drug possession.

The woman’s original cash only bond, which had been set at $10,000, was lowered to $1,000 on April 1. She has since posted bail and was freed while awaiting her arraignment and other court appearances. Allegedly, the woman contacted a pharmacy, posing as a nurse from her doctor’s office, and asked for pain medication. The pharmacy suspected foul play and contacted the woman’s doctor. Allegedly, she also tried to illegally obtain drugs at a Walmart.

This arrest was not the only Louisiana drug arrest recently. For example, a 29-year-old man was arrested for allegedly receiving methamphetamine by mail. Also, in early February, a Louisiana couple was arrested for methamphetamine possession after police pulled over their vehicle.

Whenever an individual is arrested for drug charges in Louisiana, it is important to remember that the accused person will remain completely innocent of the crime in the eyes of the law until — and only if — he or she is found guilty in a criminal courtroom. In order to establish guilt, prosecutors must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and this is often more difficult to achieve than it might readily appear. Indeed, those accused of drug crimes have options for their criminal defense at their disposal in order to challenge the prosecution’s version of the facts. If navigated successfully, those accused of drug crimes may be able to dramatically improve the final outcome of their criminal cases.

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