Louisiana narcotics bust results in 4 arrests on drug charges

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Four individuals have been arrested in a Louisiana drug bust. According to the sheriff’s department that carried out the arrests, approximately 29 grams of what they believe is methamphetamine were discovered during a search and seizure operation carried out at a residence. The owner of the residence, a 45-year-old man, was arrested on meth-related drug charges.

Three additional people arrived at the home while police were carrying out the arrest. Police suspected that they were trying to purchase methamphetamine, so all of them were arrested. From these additional individuals, police say they confiscated suspected methamphetamine, marijuana, a firearm and a rifle.

The three additional individuals were charged with a variety of drug and weapons charges. Those charges included schedule II meth possession and attempted schedule II meth possession. Other charges included Schedule I marijuana possession and illegally carrying a firearm.

All of those who were taken into custody in this case were booked at the Caddo Correctional Center on drug charges and for other offenses. The charges faced by the accused in this case vary in severity. Indeed, some of the charges may carry more weight than others.

Although it will be necessary to review the circumstances, evidence and criminal backgrounds associated with each person’s arrest individually, some of these Louisiana residents could face the threat of more serious punishment than others if they are convicted of the crimes. Nevertheless, they could still achieve favorable results during their criminal proceedings. Every reasonable opportunity will be accorded them to prepare and present a meaningful defense geared toward attaining a result that is in their individual best interests.

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