28-year-old Louisiana man arrested on drug charges

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When an individual is arrested, it can have dramatic consequences on his or her life. Even if one succeeds in getting the charges dropped or dismissed, the simple act of being arrested and accused of a crime can damage a person’s reputation and interrupt his or her employment. Drug charges in particular can be very detrimental to the reputations of an accused individual.

Recently, a Louisiana man in Opelousas was arrested and accused of drug charges. According to police, they were searching the man’s home after obtaining a search warrant. Investigators say that they discovered 1.5 pounds of marijuana in the man’s home. Allegedly, they also found just under one ounce of crack.

The 28-year-old man who lives in the home was arrested. Police charged him with drug possession. Because of the quantity of drugs the law enforcement officers say they seized, they also charged the man with possession of drugs with the intention to distribute. Unspecified drug paraphernalia possession and transactions that involved proceeds from drug sales were also among the charges.

This Louisiana man, whether he is guilty of the crimes or not, will have the ability to defend himself against the drug charges brought against him. Even in cases where the evidence does not appear to be in a person’s favor, criminal defense strategies may be employed to improve the outcome of a case dramatically for the accused. While little may be done to erase the damage to one’s reputation that typically comes from being arrested and accused of a crime, the prosecution may find it difficult to actually convict that person — especially in circumstances where a strong and well thought out legal defense is presented.

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