21 people arrested in Louisiana for drug charges

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On Friday, Nov. 15, a total of 21 different arrests were made by drug agents while they conducted a raid at a Louisiana hotel. In total, Louisiana State Police made 14 felony arrests and seven misdemeanor arrests during the incident. The people arrested will face drug charges, among other criminal allegations.

In addition to making the arrests, authorities allegedly confiscated nearly 53.8 grams of cocaine, a negligible amount of marijuana and 107 different kinds of pills. Additionally, police allegedly found $811 in cash and a total of three handguns. Authorities conducted the raid after complaints had been made by local residents who claimed that the location was being utilized for prostitution and drug sales.

The 21 different arrests were made for a variety of offenses. Charges included accusations relating to Schedule II Cocaine Possession, interference with law enforcement officers and illegal firearms possession. Other charges related to prostitution, drug paraphernalia possession and in-state fugitive warrants.

The charges brought against the people who were arrested in this matter are serious. Many of the drug charges may include the threat of spending time in jail if the accused are convicted. However, each of the 21 people who were arrested will have the ability to defend him or herself against the accusations in court. No one in the Louisiana may be considered guilty of a crime in the eyes of the law until — and only if that person is found to be guilty in court by a sufficient measure of proof. In the interim, legal defenses can be made and, in the best of outcomes, those who have been accused of crimes may get their charges dropped and/or improve their legal circumstances considerably.

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