Louisiana woman arrested on drug charges

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When police come knocking on the window of a Louisiana resident’s car and they decide to search the vehicle, it can result in one’s arrest if contraband items are found. Recently, a Louisiana woman was taken to jail by police after they searched a vehicle parked outside a home in Hineston. Allegedly, they found controlled substances inside the vehicle and proceeded to arrest the woman on drug charges.

More specifically, police allege to have found bags of marijuana and meth inside the vehicle. Police charged the woman on allegations of Possession of a Dangerous and Controlled Substance I and Possession of Dangerous and Controlled Substance II. She was taken into custody and booked at the detention center in Rapides Parish. The woman is 29 years of age.

Another man, who police allege was also inside the parked vehicle with the woman, was cited for marijuana possession. However, he was later released by police. This man is 18 years of age.

The arrested Louisiana woman in this incident later met her bail requirement of $5,500 and was released from jail. Nevertheless, she will still need to face the drug charges brought against her in court. Although police allegedly discovered drugs inside the vehicle in this case, the woman will still have the opportunity to assert legal defenses in order to improve her situation and seek the best possible outcome of her criminal case. Various strategies could be employed in her defense in an effort to get all of the charges, or at least the more serious charges, dropped. She may also try to negotiate a plea agreement in an effort to reduce the threat of serving time in jail.

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